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Binance released their coin BNB

Binance crypto exchange is relatively new to market, but it has stormed into the TOP list by trading volume. At the moment the daily turnover at the exchange amounts to 387,323 BTC or 5 783 416 938 USD. Binance has been on the rise; a great team of developers and the marketing will bring the exchange to the top of cryptotrading. BNB has swiftly got onto the CoinCap list of the 40 best coins.

Registration on Binance

It’s quite simple. Click here.

bnb coin

When considering whether to buy BNB token or not, it is necessary to take a closer look at the exchange itself, as BNB is their proprietary coin.

Why do I opt for Binance?

  • ongoing software and hardware updates;
  • wide range of trading pairs;
  • zero problems with payments.


I’ve already done a review of the exchange. You can read it here.

At the moment I see no reasons to be suspicious of this crypto exchange.


What is Binance Coin (BNB)?

This is an internal coin proprietary to the exchange. If you are the buyer/owner of this coin, you have the following advantages when trading on Binance:

  • 50% trading fee commission;
  • ability to change BNB for ICO projects added to the exchange.


The coin price will go up due to the fact that Binance team burns coins on a quarterly basis, and the decrease in their number, in its turn, raises the coin value.

The next BNB coin burning is expected on the 31st of January. Be quick to buy, as the coin is heavily pumped in value prior to each burning.

The coin can be considered for the long term; we expect at least X3 increase of the current price by the end of the year.

The following chart demonstrates the coin value increase in response to the burning:

burning bnb

Good luck with trading, and don’t forget to leave comments!



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