Binance exchange review + comments.

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Let’s welcome Binance crypto exchange. Should we trust it?

Binance crypto exchange is inherently new, but it has been dynamically developing. Ongoing platform updates, addition of new projects and coins – at present there’s no reason to doubt it.

How to register on Binance crypto exchange?

Click the following link.

Once done, you’ll see the “Register” tab in the top right-hand corner:

binance registrations

The translation leaves much to be desired ) However, the logic is understandable. After clicking the button, you’ll see the following window:

binance registrations

Enter your email address, password, and confirm your registration. After that, make a deposit on the exchange in any way convenient for you, and you can start trading. At the moment verification is not mandatory; for anonymous accounts there’s a possibility of 2 BTC withdrawal per day. But if you need to withdraw larger sums, verification is recommended, as it allows for increasing the payment limit up to 100 BTC per day.

How to get verified on Binance?

Sign in to user control panel, and then select:




Select “Other countries and regions”, fill in all the fields, submit scanned copies of documents and a selfie with your passport. You’ve done it all. Now you’ll just have to wait.

binance verif

Pros of Binance exchange:

  • large trading volumes
  • ongoing software and hardware updates
  • wide range of trading pairs
  • verification is not required if the withdrawal amount is up to 2 BTC per day
  • BNB coin is the exchange internal coin that allows for saving up to 50% of commission
  • zero problems with payments.

How to trade on the exchange?

Select “Market” tab, then you will see the following:

binance trade

The window with trading pairs is on the right. For example, if you’d like to trade in ADA/BTC pair, just click on it.

binance trade

Here, you will be able to intuitively understand the whole thing. There are two windows: one for placing your sell order, another – for buy order. Simply set the price and the number of coins for the purchase or sale, press the key, and the transaction is complete. On the whole, if you have previously traded on exchanges, Binance + is the same kind of thing, so it shouldn’t take you too long to wrap your hand around it.

Not long ago I wrote about BNB, the internal coin from the developers of the exchange. I consider it a promising cryptocurrency. Read more on Binance Coin (BNB) in my review here.

Comments on Binance

For traders working on this crypto exchange: make sure to leave your comments. Your feedback is important to us.

Thank you, and good luck with all your cryptocurrency trading!



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