Cardano (ADA) plans to bypass Ethereum. Launch of smart contracts.

Cardano (ADA) is determined to compete for the TOP. Shelley smart contracts release in September, 2018.

Not long ago Charles Hoskinson stated that Cardano was getting ready «to compete» for primacy and would be better than Ethereum. At the same time, he believes that Cardano will be able to bypass Bitcoin in the near future. Trading cryptocurrency on the stock exchange is simple and profitable!

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By tradition, I’m taking a screenshot of the current price for future comparison.

Cardano (ADA)

On the 5th of March Cardano (ADA) will update the roadmap. I guess you should take a look at it. There’s been too much coin HYIP recently. Either it is an attempt to artificially inflate the price, or the team has started to work at its full potential.

What are Cardano prospects for 2018?

I want to note that my comments in this section are based on the statements of developers. We’ll see what really happens next.

Charles Hoskinson: All this time we have been working hard on our Ouroboros algorithm, but we do not stop at this, and by the second quarter of 2018 it should be replaced by Shelley algorithm, based on which we intend to add smart contracts that will be compatible with any blockchain.

The developers also claim that the system itself is much safer, faster and cheaper than its older brother Ethereum.

What do I think of Cardano?

According to a friend of mine, in essence it is a Japanese Ethereum. Yeah, he’s actually right. As a matter of fact, this coin could become one of the first rivals of Ethereum in the foreseeable future and even outcompete it in terms of capitalization. However, I believe that this will be possible if the market stabilizes and we get out of the ongoing correction phase, in case all the statements of the developers prove correct, and the system of smart contracts are launched.

Anyway, I’m considering Cardano for my investment portfolio: definitely not for short-term trading, but I might buy it for the long run and then wait for X3-X5 increase. As follows from the chart, the current price of the coin is 3.3 times less than its maximum value.

Good luck with all your cryptocurrency trading! Keep in mind that trading is a risky process, so trade cautiously and make good profits!


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