ETC/ETE Hard Fork on 13th July, 2018

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Let’s welcome next ETC Hard Fork and get free Ethereum Emerald (ETE) coins.

As you may have noticed, the market is currently on the downward trend, but I personally believe that we’ll witness the market turnaround during summer months. If the downward trend changes for the duration of ETC Fork, we’ll get a nice profit.

As always, I’m taking a screenshot of the current price of ETC for future comparison.

ETC хардфорк ETE

What will we get after/before ETC Hard Fork for Ethereum Emerald?

ETC price is expected to rise just prior to the event. So, if you don’t need ETE coins, you can simply take profit.
If you made up your mind not to take profit and instead get Emerald Ethereum for free, you should keep coins on the wallet up to the date of the Hard Fork that will take place at block 6100000 on July, 13.

The developers have already stated what crypto exchanges and wallets will support ETC Fork. See the picture below.

ЕТС ЕТЕ хардфорк

The wallets are the following:

classic ether wallet
Jaxx Cryptocurrency Wallet

Is it worth buying ETC prior to the Hard Fork?

Potential advantages:

  1. Possible ETC pump shortly before the event.
  2. You’ll get ETE coins on a 1:1 basis.


Potential disadvantages:

  1. If the market continues to show a downward trend, we may not see a significant impact on the price.
  2. I still don’t get the whole point of ETC. To my mind, it is another sh*t Fork out of many others.


Never trade with the last of your money, as there are high risks of losing personal funds. Always be reasonable and cold-minded when trading.



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don’t see in etc homepage, scam?


you don’t «get» the point of ETC ? you do realize ETC is the original crypto that ETH forked from…right?