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ETC (Ethereum Classic) launching events in January

Hey, everyone! Guys, as usual I’m taking a screenshot of what we have now, in order to compare with the future state of ETC by the end of January 2018.

ETC (Ethereum Classic)

The price is expected to make up about 30 US dollars and 0.00205612 BTC. The projection for the end of January is 50-60$. I particularly note that I’m giving the prediction in US dollars since estimates in BTC may not be so rosy, as the senior one сan skyrocket and alter the BTC/ETC ratio.

Calendar of ETC events in January, 2018

January 11 — Listing on DMM — Japan (Launch at the largest Japanese crypto exchange);

January 29 — A2A Messaging System (smart-contract type);

ICO Scandinavian on ETC basis – early 2018, no exact date yet.

The given list will be updated as new or additional information on events becomes available.

DMM crypto exchange adds 7 cryptocurrencies in total, including Ethereum Classic. Not bad, right?

Further details on the event of January, 29

The service is based on Classic blockchain (ETC smart-contract system). This system will allow for the exchange of encrypted messages between the owners of ETC as well as ETH, UBQ, EXP, Musicoin and RootStock wallets. It is easy to figure out how many users will get this opportunity. Even if the release of this system doesn’t boost ETC growth, the pump groups will surely not miss out on the event.

I’ve already made a prediction for ETC, and those who had followed my advice and invested in the coin were satisfied. Many people write that ETC is a scam project and so on, that coin is created for profiteering only. It must be a great scam, I can say, considering that in a couple of months it has gained X3 increase, ramped up trading volumes, enhanced capitalization, and ranked among the top 20 coins. And what’s wrong with profiteering, if we make money out of it?

I advise you to follow the developers on Twitter, so you can get the latest news affecting the coin value. It is vital to be in the picture, stay ahead of the others and the pumpers.

Good luck with all your cryptocurrency trading! Thanks for reading this, I look forward to your comments.

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