Ethereum Hard Fork EtherZero (ETZ) January, 19

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EtherZero — Ethereum Hard Fork

So, guys, on January, 19 Ethereum Hard Fork is to take place on 4936270 block.

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What to expect from the Hard Fork?

  • Following the Hard Fork, you will get 1 EtherZero on a 1:1 basis.
  • Possible ETH price increase up to January, 19.

ETH hardfork

I’ve taken a screenshot of the average ETH price as of 02.18. Let’s see, what happens to it closer to January 19.

What do we know about EtherZero?

Number of coins: 116 mln is the initial number of available coins, + 20 mln in reserve.

1 ETH = 1 ETZ (after the Hard Fork)

The developers expect the price to make up 10% of ETH value at the initial stage.

There have been several attempts to implement the ETH Hard Fork, but they all failed. This time we are promised «something awesome». ETZ has an active team of developers comprising approximately 20 staff members from 7 countries worldwide.

It remains unknown at this point, what crypto exchanges will support the Hard Fork. But hopefully, one or more major exchanges will have the new coin added to the platform, and thus, we can see the rapid growth of ETH, so stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to make money.

Personally, we expect the ETH price within the range of 950 and 1250 per 1 coin at the end of January, which is entirely possible.

The developers compared ETZ with ESO, IOTA and ETH. Things at the picture are looking good, but only time will tell, what will actually happen.


I’ve done some digging on Twitter page of the developers – they promise us an ICO on ETZ basis as well as active development and support. Well, we’ll see how it goes.


Good luck with trading!



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