KickCoin (KICK) events in February.

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Cashing in on KickCoin (KICK), or KickCoin projections for February!

Hi, everyone! As usual, prior to making any comments, I’m taking a screenshot from CoinMarketCap for future comparison.

kick coin

I’ll start by saying that at present, I don’t see anything peculiar or vigorous about this coin –dull marketing, lack of additions to new crypto exchanges, and to cap it all, 340th position in CoinMarketCap TOP list. You might ask me why I’m writing about this? Guys, profiteering still exists and may prove to be gainful for those with thinking abilities and analytical skills. The bulk of coin trading takes place at EXMO crypto exchange. I advise you against buying at other exchanges as their trading volume is very small.

The coin is currently in correction process after the last pump, and soon there will be the perfect moment to enter and buy at the exchange.

Calendar of KickCoin (KICK) events in February

I want to note that these events are likely to raise the coin value, but not because the coin is so worthwhile…

  • February 18, 2018 — All KickCoin holders will be given a bonus of 1% of the total amount of coins in the wallet.
  • February 28, 2018 — 13.5% of coins (i.e. approximately 43 million tokens) will be burned. That’s when the coin will pump/go up in price.

But first and foremost, be quick to withdraw from trading. Don’t be greedy. It is better to make money on the coin and then forget about it. Bear in mind, that the last pump at its peak raised the coin value by 140%, and it is likely that we will see something similar this time.

Where to buy KickCoin?

As I wrote earlier, EXMO exchange is the perfect place for buying the coin.

If you do not know what Exmo is, you can read my detailed review here.

What is a KickCoin?

In a nutshell, this coin was created as the basis for ICO (capital-raising process). The strategy is to conduct ICO which will provide maximum convenience and security for both the buyer and the seller, while commission fees will be very small. All this will be carried out within KickCoins blockchain aimed at protecting investors. All this sounds great, really awesome. But the coin team hasn’t proved itself in any way since the inception of the coin. So, if developed, the project might have a promising future.



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