LISK (LSK) events and rebranding in February

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LISK (LSK) rebranding, new website, new wallet. New price?

Well, as usual, before I make comments on the coin and its prospects, I’m taking a screenshot of the current price for future comparison.

Lisc (LSC) coin

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Didn’t ever expect the coin at 30$ rate? Well, here you go. The coin is ranked in the TOP 20, with 3 bln+ of capitalization. Do you think that’s the limit? I believe that this coin has not run its course and will yet show what it is capable of.

LISK (LSK) upcoming events in 2018

  • Coin statistics on December 28, 2017.
    • February 20, 2018 – Rebranding;
    • April 01, 2018 – New payment and address system, reduction of transaction fees;
    • April 01, 2018 – Lisk SDK Alpha Release;
    • June 30, 2018 – Custom tokens;
    • October 01, 2018 – Decentralized exchange;


And it’s just what we are aware of at the beginning of 2018. I believe, there’s a lot more to come. By the way, this is one of the few cryptocoins working closely with Microsoft, the fact that resulted in the first significant price increase earlier. The number of coins is a little bit higher, as compared to highly prominent ETH, while the price difference is huge. This doesn’t mean that LISK will cost as much as ETH, however, its prospects are very good. In general, the value can be expected to increase throughout the year, each new rise will obviously take place after correction. My personal projection of the value by October 2018 is at least 70-90$, and probably even higher.

I advise you against trading in BTC for the long term. In case bitcoin skyrockets in value, Lisk will be sold in BTC/LSK pair, though the price in USD will remain around the same level.

As for me, I use BTC trade only for daily/weekly trading. However, we all have our own ways of trading, so the choice is always yours.

LISK prospects for 2018

Overall fast-growing cryptocurrency market, awesome LISK (LSK) coin events scheduled for 2018, the launch of private exchange will inevitably affect the coin value, so let’s wait for new horizons to open up!

Good luck with trading! Keep in mind that trading is always risky. Invest only the money that you can spare. These are my personal thoughts and reasons, and not a call to action.

Thanks for reading this!



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