Monero (XMR) Hard Fork: MonveroV, 30th April

Monero (XMR) Hard Fork: get free MonveroV on 30th April March

Attention fork Monero is postponed to April 30

At present the market is observed to be gradually reviving. Coin prices have plummeted and even came up with the prices of October-November, 2017. Do you remember 2018 spring? Well, the upward trend can be expected this year as well, and the outlook will be even more optimistic against the background of cheering news related to the coin. Personally, I’ve resolved to buy Monero (XMR) for my investment portfolio. I’ll explain the reasons later.

By tradition, I’m taking a screenshot of the current price for comparison in March.

Monero (XMR) hardfork

So, why do I believe the Monero price should be expected to rise following the Hard Fork?

Anonymous coin. A lot of investments in anonymous coins will be encouraged in the year 2018. Even McAfee tweeted about it.
It is obvious that Hard Fork itself increases the coin value. I’d like to clarify that not all of the coins are going to increase in price in the run-up to the event. I gave a detailed review about the Hard Fork effects on the price of coins. You can read it here.
New Year celebrations in China are coming to its end, and the Chinese are expected to heavily invest in the overall market.
An excellent team of developers have been actively elaborating on the project.
At present, the market issues very few decent coins, which can be mined. I consider the mining prospects of XMR as an advantage.

What can you expect after Monero (XMR) Hard Fork?

Monero Hard Fork will take place on 30th April, 2018. Monero V will be available to all coin holders on a 1:10 basis (1 XMR = 10 XMV). The Hard Fork will take place at block 1529810. In order to get coins for free, keep XMR in one of the official wallets or at crypto exchanges that support the Hard Fork. I can’t specify at the moment what exchanges will support the Hard Fork. As soon as I get information, I’ll write about it.

Note that the event itself will be held on 14th March. As for XMV coins, they will be credited into your wallet on 30th April! (block 1529810).

What is Monero V?

According to the developers, this is a more stable and even more anonymous coin, which also can be mined. Among distinguishing features of MoneroV is its limited supply of coins, as compared to the endless supply of Monero coins.

Number of coins – 256 mln;

Block reward — a minimum of 6 XMV;

Block size – dynamic, max 2xM100.

Thank you for reading this. Leave your comments.


Good luck with all your cryptocurrency trading!



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