TRON (TRX) coin burning on 31st March and new crypto exchanges.

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TRON (TRX) events between January and March, in expectation of new prices!

By tradition, I’m taking a screenshot of the current price of the coin for future comparison.


Following not very fortunate coin events + overall collapse in prices at the crypto market, TRON coin is currently going through severe correction process, so there’s still time to buy the coin at a great price. The value might fall further in view of Bitcoin decline, which will provide a perfect chance for buying TRON at rock bottom.

tron coin prise

Where to buy TRON coin?

The largest volume of trading occurs on Binance. This is the perfect exchange where you can buy cryptocurrency safely. You can register here.

TRON (TRX) price projections in terms of the global market.

The news background regarding the coin is excellent, which will contribute to the coin growth. I also want to note that by March the market will be going out of deep correction and we can expect a large-scale capital flow reversal into cryptocurrency. Extremely high outflow last month will now lead to sharp rise in prices!

Bitcoin will go up first, following by solid altcoins in the result of high inflows.

At present, one of the reasons for the delay is the understanding of major market players that millions of minor players had been withdrawing funds to spend on gifts and other pleasures before the New Year; they ran out of stocks and will have to withdraw funds again, even at a lower price.

New Year celebrations in China take place in February, and the number of traders and miners there is huge. They are not significant, just mere «hamsters»; however, keep in mind the amount of population in China… And since they will have to withdraw funds, the Chinese will be able to buy large volumes at lower prices, whereupon the price will rocket! So stock up and hold onto it, you won’t have to wait much longer! Your financial future is in your own hands. Dare to be brave and don’t be frightened with minor slumps and market fluctuations…

Just stock up and wait for a while!

Calendar of TRON (TRX) events

Events that can raise the coin value.

  • January 22 — Potential launch at Kucoin exchange (voting);
  • January 31 — Launch at a new stock exchange, which will be specified later. Stay tuned.
  • January 31 — Launch at BitClude crypto exchange;
  • January 31 — The announcement of partnership in the sphere of space technology;
  • February 16 — TRON Union Peiwo;
  • March 31 — Coin burning, which is 100% likely to raise the price.


Conclusion: At the moment the coin price is really «yummy» + capital flow reversal into cryptocurrency + news background = value increase. We expect at least x2 gain of its current price.

Good luck with all your cryptocurrency trading! Invest only the money that you can spare. These are my personal thoughts, and not a call to action.


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