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2018 outlook for XMR (Monero)

Hi everyone! Today I want to write about XMR coin which has skyrocketed since summer 2017 and is not going to stop.



That’s how XMR D1 chart looks like at the moment. My immediate goal by the end of January is between 520$ and 600$. I advise you against entering the market now, specifically on the 28th of December and before the New Year.  Segwit2x is to take place on the 28th, and nobody knows what will happen to BTC at the time. We are all aware that BTC and its «swings» can cause every coin to fluctuate, the market can go either way. It’s best to wait until January and then start trading in the market, which will get more or less stable by then.

If you intend to buy the coin for the long run, you can do so now and then just forget about the coin for a while.

In order to prove my point, I’m taking a screenshot, which shows the XMR price in January 2018 (for comparison).

монеро xmr

The average XMR price is 403, although it is obviously overvalued due to the Korean cryptocurrency exchange, which trades at peculiar prices!

Monero перспектива

Monero prospects

On average, the trade is within the range of 350-360$ per 1 coin.

What stands behind XMR?

  • Active team of developers
  • Anonymity of the coin
  • Ever-increasing capitalization

The coin resides in the TOP 10 of CoinMarketCap.

You’ve all heard of McAfee antivirus. Its creator is actively involved in the crypto world and continuously posts new publications. Just for the record, the price of any coin he tweets about, gains at least х2 increase.

And this is what he wrote about XMR

«If the Bitcoin price comes close to 30000$ the XMR price can be fully expected to make up about 800$.

2018 will be a memorable year. The price of «promising» coins will be rising, so cash in on cryptos while you still can».

Calendar of Monero (XMR) events in 2018

The list will be updated as new or additional information on events becomes available. Stay tuned as each event can generate price increase.

March 31, 2018 — Ledger support.

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